Solar-Powered Water Filter for Safe Drinking Water


The Problem

Lack of access to clean water in low- income rural communities

The Solution

A solar-powered water filter that provides safe drinking water

The Goal

To improve health and quality of life in these communities

  • Addressable market:

Low-income rural communities in need of clean water

  • Market size:

Estimated 663 million people lack access to safe drinking water globally

  • Market potential:

High demand for affordable and sustainable solutions

Commercial, Residential & Industrial

Market Opportunity

Product Overview

Name: SafiSolar

  • Description: A solar-powered water filter that removes contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals
  • Features: Portable, easy to use, requires minimal maintenance, and has a long lifespan
  • Benefits: Provides safe drinking water, reduces waterborne illnesses, and is environmentally friendly


Current solutions:

Boiling water, using chlorine tablets, and other filtration systems

Competitive advantage:

SafiSolar is affordable, sustainable, and does not require ongoing purchases or fuel

Business Model

  • Pricing: PAYGO – Affordable for low-income communities, with potential for subsidies or financing options such as PAYGO
  • Distribution: Direct sales and partnerships with Community associations, NGOs and Local governments
  • Revenue model: Sales of SafiSolar units and replacement filters, with potential for recurring revenue through ongoing maintenance and services

Impact and Sustainability

  • Impact: Improving access to safe drinking water, reducing waterborne illnesses, and improving quality of life

  • Sustainability: Solar-powered and made from durable and recyclable materials, with a focus on minimizing environmental impact

Expert Team Members

Our Leadership

Funding Need

USD 250,000 Funding needed for product development, manufacturing, and initial distribution
Seeking investment from impact investors, grants, and government partnerships

Call to Action

  • SafiSolar is a revolutionary innovation that seeks to create access to safe drinking water to rural off-grid communities  as well as create income generation opportunities using  Solar for productive use

  • We believe that this innovation has the potential to make a significant impact in improving access to safe drinking water and reducing waterborne illnesses in these.